AiRSCouter WD-330C
Brother International Corporation is excited to announce the latest in its family of head-mounted displays, the AiRScouter WD-330C. An innovative viewfinder solution that helps operators get the shots they want with comfort and ease, the new headset adds an HD-SDI input for a seamless connection to a wide range of professional cameras, gimbals, and stabilizer systems.
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The new features of the AiRScouter WD-330C include:
A bright and crisp 720p HD display that's like having a 19" monitor right in front of your eye.
  SDI Port
An SDI port that connects seamlessly to your gear without proprietary apps or hardware.
Eye Cup
A removable eye cup isolates the eye and screen when you work in bright conditions.
  Display Enclosure
An IP54-rated display enclosure so you can work with peace of mind in rainy or dusty conditions.
The AiRScouter WD-330C offers many of the same innovative features that you've come to expect when you're working with an AiRScouter head-mounted display:
A flexible arm that allows you to easily position and angle the display just where you want it, over either eye, even if you're wearing glasses
Adjustable focus that lets the display adapt to fit you and helps minimize eyestrain as you work
An internal battery that lasts up to 3 hours
Get the shot you want with comfort and ease, whether you're filming with a handheld camera or you're using a gimbal or stabilizer. AiRScouter lets you keep an eye on your environment (and where you're walking) as you frame your shots. See what's possible when you take the viewfinder off your camera and put it on your head!

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